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How are you doing? We are in the full swing of summer -if you can believe it! As the months continue to pass by we are all waiting to see how things will pan out. It continues to be a time of uncertainty which brings fear and anxiety in different ways. While not knowing what to expect about the future brings discomfort, particularly with all that has been going on over the past couple of months, that discomfort does not have prevent us from taking the needed steps to move ahead-closer to our goals. We can still choose to take one day at a time and trust that God is with us and will provide in the ways that is needed. Doing so requires deliberate attention to the information we allow in our mind. Focusing or refocusing onto God’s word is a good way to work on our thought life, to help it to be positive.

Do you have goals that you have put to the side due to fear? I am working to push past my fears as it relates to developing my business. As an entrepreneur there is a lot of risk entailed with pursuing and growing a business. The uncertainty of how things will turn out is definitely scary but I am aiming to put one foot ahead of the other to make needed steps. I am also attempting to learn God’s will, particularly during this pandemic. The Bible says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my way, ” declares the Lord (Isaiah 55:8) and “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). I desire to allow God to lead me on the right paths so I need to take the time necessary to hear from Him on a daily level. Otherwise my thoughts are unclear and I can feel overwhelmed by the many life tasks in front of me.

Have you experienced new or prolonging fears? If so, what is something that you are doing to help your mindset be positive and hopeful? We would love to hear from you. There is no judgment regarding your thoughts. We offer a safe space to express yourself.

15 Comments on “Check In: How Are You Doing?”

  1. Hi all.
    The past months haven’t been easy but they haven’t been terrible for me personally. Could be worse. I haven’t held my niece and she’s now 1 and moving about. Anxiety, panic attacks, and seizures have been on a rise for me. I can’t wait for all to blow over as I’m sure we all feel. I find things I love to do now. I’ve been knitting a baby blanket, exercising from home, and practicing vocal exercises.
    Keeping busy, getting ready as if I were going out and all helps reduce my anxiety.
    Going on walks and following all CDC guidelines are a must. We’re almost over the worst. Keep safe at home and clean.

    1. Glad you are keeping busy-it definitely helps to manage anxious thoughts and feelings. Yes I think we all feel as you do- we want the pandemic to be over. Until that is the case, keeping our minds and bodies active, as well as connecting with family and friends in a safe way, will go a long way to keeping us healthy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello,
    I have experienced some anxieties and fears during this uncertain time. The main ones I feel are trying to balance a social life and school, while also considering my safety and the safety of others. At this point, I am doing the best that I can and I am feeling better than I did at the start of the pandemic, but I still have a lot of work to do. However, I know that I am here for a reason and with God’s will I am able to keep pushing.

    1. Glad you are feeling better now than at the start of the pandemic. Thankfully there has been some improvements with what is going on in the world, which is helping to calm some people’s anxieties. Glad you are pushing through to focus on working towards the tasks before you.

  3. Hello all,
    I believe the past few months have been a trying time for so many. It is in fact difficult to proceed through the fears and anxieties the future brings, and it is easy to make them the focal point in our daily life, or the glasses through which we view life. But when we remember that God did not give us a Spirit of fear and that He has conquered the world, we can be encouraged.
    For the past few weeks I have been attempting to push through fears regarding my career, school work, relationships and finances. Some of the things that have been helping me are focusing on the Word and learning to cast my fears on God through prayer. I have also been trying to set boundaries with many in my life, either by spending time away from my phone or taking the moment to truly self-care. Lastly I remind myself again that God has conquered the world; “I’ve said these things so that you will have peace in Me. In the world you will have distress. But be encouraged! I have conquered the world” (John 16:33). He has set a path for us and encourages us to truly rely on Him.

    1. Great point. Self-care is needed daily- even if just to quiet our thoughts and be still. Glad you are allowing God’s word to encourage you.

  4. Hi everyone,
    My experience over the last few months had me fearful, a bit anxious, concerned, and I also lacked focus. However, the moment I cast all my cares and concerns unto God, the moment I surrendered it all to Christ, I was able to find some peace amidst everything that was going on in the world. I prayed I meditated, and I had realistic, authentic conversations with friends that were vulnerable and transparent. They expressed their fears, their anxieties, and concerns at the moment and for the future. Through it all, I realized that I had to reset my mindset. I had to reset my perspectives. Yes, I was in a moment of weakness yet, I leaned on God to help me. Resetting my mindset gave me a fresh pair of eyes to view things from the word of God, meditating on his word every day. Currently, I am pressing forth with so much gratitude and thankfulness, trusting God to guide my steps.

    1. That’s great that you have been able to reset your mindset and are feeling grateful. I think we all need a reset every now and again, to have fresh eyes. Glad you are leaning on God to guide your steps as well.

  5. The last few months have been very difficult in terms of wondering what the future holds and contemplating if life will ever be back to the “normal” it was before. I’ve been anxious about my future and how my last two years in college will be. I’ve also been anxious about tuition payments and getting a job, but i’ve been trying to tell myself that everything will get better in time. Though the future seems bleak and uncertain, i know that everything will be fine because i have faith in myself and what I can achieve.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Not knowing what the future holds can definitely feel scary, but the interesting thing is while there is potential for things to turn out bad, there is also potential for things to turn out good as well. It takes work, but we can train our minds to be hopeful by being purposeful in where we direct our thoughts.

      Glad you have confidence in what you believe you can achieve.

  6. Hello everybody. These past months(since COVID-19 started) have been very challenge for me since I working in a middle school with special needs students we all have to learn new system, new way to communicated with the students, contacted their parents daily making sure they are fine and the students do their homework and projects from home. Some parents are having a hard time trying to help their children with school assignments especially parents who don’t speak English and don’t have enough technology knowledge but at the end of the day I am here to help them. The COVID-19 pandemic had change people lives, it is scary and sad people died everyday, people lost their jobs, we can not see our families and friends the way we used to couple months ago. My husband and I pray everyday to God to protects us, our families, friends and especially my mother who is in a rehabilitation/nursing home since January after having a stroke. Thank God she is doing good and at least we can visit/ talk to her at the center through a glass wall. She makes us stronger every time we see her she always has a sweet and beautiful smile and always tell us God Bless You (in Spanish). We pray to God to make us stronger as humans, to make us unite and love each other.

    1. I’m glad that your mother is a source of strength for you. I imagine it has been difficult being unable to physically be near to her, but at least you can see her when visiting through the glass wall.
      Thank you for your hard work as a school staff member. I know learning remotely has been especially a challenge for children with special needs; keep on providing the good work needed.

  7. The current pandemic, combined with life issues has been demanding. So in general everything is uneasy and an adjustment. To remain positive, daily prayer and meditation. Thinking of new ways to adjust. Seeking out resources that align with the time (i.e., online help articles, some social media outlets). There’s so much to learn and adjust too, so if I get overwhelmed in what’s around me, re-centering and trying to be present in the moment has been helpful.

    1. Sounds like you are doing well despite the stressors of our current reality. Glad you are re-centering and atttempting to be present in the moment-that is definitely a skill:)

  8. Hello All,

    First giving honor to God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you Dr. Rahman for having this self, non-judgmental platform for us to share our inner and personal thoughts! While I still have anxiety and fears I must thank God that it’s not as bad as they were when this pandemic first started and I give all praises to God! I’ve always had a fear of dying and tried going back in my mind to understand why. A memory went back to when I was younger and my grandmother passed away at the house on the bed where I used to sleep with her and I remember seeing her body just lying there until the coroner arrived (which was really long) and I remember having to sleep in that same bed that night and how scared I was. I sometimes wonder if that could be the reason that I have this fear of dying. What’s been helping me get through is first God! I’ve found comfort in just praying, reading bible, positive affirmations, and exercising! I’ve lost over 30 pounds and I’ve been cooking and eating much healthier! It took this to make me realize how health is wealth but, I just thank God for giving me a second chance to live a better life for myself, my family, and for Him! I make it my choice to get up everyday and speak something positive to myself and to others! I also love helping others I feel in helping others I help myself! Just can’t stop thanking and praising God!! I pray that God will bring an end to this real soon and that we all come together as one and just uplift his name! Be blessed! Be well and stay safe! 🙏🏽

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