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Heather DeStefano, Ph.D., MSW-candidate

Dr. Heather DeStefano’s profound passion lies in understanding people—their narratives, challenges, goals and achievements.

This has led her to her mission to help others create the life they have always wanted. Dr. Heather’s experience extends over 20 years in the mental health and coaching field. Heather’s expertise spans various roles. Heather also holds multiple certifications along with a PhD in Psychology, including Master Certified Life Coach, Empowerment Mindfulness Coach, Motivational Coach, Assertiveness Coach, and Relationship Coach. Her insights and expertise have been recognized on platforms like Fox, NBC, ABC, Digital Journal, and numerous other major news outlets.

She’s an accomplished keynote speaker, an advocate for women’s rights and a trusted advisor to rising entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Dr. Heather has made significant contributions in the non-profit sector, working as a suicide prevention/crisis intervention counselor while advocating for children in foster care.

Dr. Heather’s feminist theory and person centered approach helps emphasize understanding clients’ experiences through a gendered lens, empowering women by considering their social, cultural, spiritual and political factors influencing their lives. Dr. Heather believes that her role isn’t to change people into someone they’re not. Instead, she focuses on helping people embrace and enhance their true selves.

In Dr. Heather’s free time she cherishes the moments spent outdoors with her 5 wonderful daughters. Above all, Dr. Heather’s deepest passion is to inspire individuals to overcome self-doubt and embark on a journey towards their most fulfilling life.

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