I consider it a great honor to bear compassionate witness to my client’s stories and help them make meaning of their experiences in a way that brings healing and restoration. In sessions with me, you can expect to find central themes in your life story and explore how your family and cultural systems may be impacting your overall well-being. I can help you identify and challenge the voice of your inner critic and develop more self-compassion.

I use a holistic framework, addressing mind, body, and spirit. Drawing on my experience as a yoga teacher, I offer techniques such as mindfulness and breathwork to deepen the mind/body connection. I help my clients to listen carefully to the messages their bodies are sending them and teach them ways to regulate and soothe their nervous systems. I can also assist clients in exploring their spiritual and religious practice and developing emotionally healthy spirituality.

My professional interests include trauma, identity, spirituality, family roles and transitions, attachment, relational issues, self-esteem, and anxiety. I specialize in adolescent and adult women as well as couples. In couples therapy with me, you can expect to develop insight into how your family system, attachment style, and personal values are influencing your current relationship. We will identify and challenge destructive cycles and discover the underlying emotions driving interpersonal conflict.

I am passionate about reducing stigma around mental health issues and providing accessible, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive care in a warm, trusting, and supportive environment. Reach out to schedule an appointment with me and explore the possibility of our paths crossing in the therapeutic space.