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Anxiety & Stress Management: Strategies for Wellness Course

What I will learn?

  • Tools to improve your ability to manage anxiety experienced.

Course Curriculum

Reasons for Purchasing the Course

  • Reasons for Purchasing Course

Chapter 1: A Holistic Approach to Managing Anxiety
Discussion of the importance of a holistic approach to managing anxiety along with tools to begin doing so.

Chapter 2: How Unhealthy Thinking Impacts Your Mood
Unhealthy thinking related to anxiety

Chapter 3: Automatic Negative Thoughts & How to Deal with Them
Tips for How to Manage Negative Automatic Thoughts

Chapter 4: Core Beliefs & Their Relationship to Anxiety

Chapter 5: Challenging Negative Thoughts

Chapter 6: Aiming for Wellness (Putting it all together)


A course by

Dr. Fazeeda Rahman
Dr. Fazeeda Rahman

Material Includes

  • Learning videos, handouts, worksheets, and Bible scriptures focused on providing education and tools for mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.


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