For the Many She-roes.

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I am inspired by many women- some who are present and some who have passed on, some who are at the forefront of change and some who spur change on quietly in the background.  I am grateful for their contributions to further the status of women.  I am also inspired by the women who persevere daily despite great odds against them.  As I reflect on women’s history month, I would like to acknowledge the women that have personally influenced my life.  I am fortunate to have been helped along my career path and individual path by several women- women that have helped me directly through advice, encouragement, and support in the hard times.

Professionally, I experienced several benefits of knowing and interacting with great faculty in my undergraduate and graduate training.  One professor in particular-Dr. Nickolich (professor emerita) was an important figure in my undergraduate studies as a young woman.  She gave me the positive reinforcement I needed while taking her theater classes and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.  Pushing past my comfort zone in theater challenged me to connect with deep emotions necessary to be a budding actress on stage ?, and was the beginning of what would later lead to my healing process by facing difficult emotions related to my past. 

Dr. Nickolich eventually encouraged me to pursue graduate work outside of NY because of the possible growth potential and wrote a glowing letter of recommendation on my behalf.  In addition to praying for God’s clarity regarding which path to take, her feedback in part led to my decision to go away to school and push past my fears of doing so.  Going away to school ended up being a pivotal aspect in shaping me as a professional and an individual. I learned many things about myself, and was able to deepen my faith in God in a much more significant way than I was previously able to do. I was also lucky enough to meet my wonderful husband in the process?. I will be forever grateful for that experience away, and I’m grateful to have met Dr. Nickolich and other great faculty that inspired me to be a teacher and influencer of others.

In my personal life, I am grateful for the women that I call friends- those that have been there for me in the hard times and good times. Without their support, I would not be able to be in the position of “giver” to others.  I am thankful for their listening ear, feedback, and tangible help so that I can continue to be a source of support for others.  So to all the other great women that have impacted me in my life-thank you!

Who are the women you are grateful for in your life? Who inspires you to persevere and keep pushing on even when not feeling like it?  Do you have a she-roe? As always, please share our blog with those you know.  Sharing is caring ?

6 Comments on “For the Many She-roes.”

  1. I’m pretty much inspired by those who push forward and persevere. I think that’s a characteristic of many mothers. I’m also grateful for friends in different ways. We’ve all been through struggles. Honestly I’ve been inspired by both men and women but to the women who often have to take on many roles, the strength they would need is inspiring. Hope this makes sense

    1. Thanks for your post. I definitively agree that mothers are she-roes -whether married or single, working outside the home or being a single mother, the job is definitely a hard one.

      Fulfilling the daily sacrifices to care for children and taking care of self in the process can be an exhausting job, but is definitely worthwhile. Many mothers don’t get the praise they need for their daily sacrifices, but they are certainly deserving.

  2. I am truly grateful for the women in my life who have inspired and continue to inspire me to reach greater heights. My mom is one of those phenomenal women who taught me the importance of having faith in God.

    1. Three cheers ?? for the moms who continue to inspire us to greatness, especially mothers who helped us to deepen our faith in God. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My Mother is my inspiration she is always there for me. Because of her and my father, I had a beautiful childhood. She didn’t even finish middle school but she taught me the value of respect, love and care. Now she has Alzheimer’s and I am giving her all my support, love and care she needs. Every time I am with her she gives me the most beautiful smile. Now more than ever I am there for her and with her. Happy Women History Month. God Bless!

    1. That’s great that your mother has been a she-roe for you. It sounds like your example of honoring your mother will also be a great example to others about of a she-roe ?, as I imagine it must be challenging to care for your mother’s needs and balance the other responsibilities you have in your life as well. Thanks for sharing.

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