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Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey
Marriage Counseling
Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey
Couples Psychotherapy
Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey
Family Psychotherapy
Marriage and Family Counseling

Married Couples and Family Therapy Services

Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling (VWWC) in New York City provides professional counseling in New York City (NYC), for both married and premarital couples, and families by offering a number of psychotherapy services that may be appropriate for you. 

Teena Walker is an NYC MFT therapist (verified by Psychology Today) who specializes in Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling. She assists couples to experience improved communication, forgiveness, and the development of shared goals in their relationships.

Rita Enwezor is fueled by her faith in God that seasons of life are leaps of opportunity when navigated in therapeutic relationships. n your work with Rita, you can expect that her positive, affirmative, and uplifted spirit will lead you to feel that anything is possible and achievable. 

In a session with Morgan Morrison you can expect to feel seen, heard, and challenged. In a couples counseling session, we can expect to unearth assumptions you make about your partner to get to the root of communication breakdowns.

VWWC provides both virtual (video or phone calls) for sessions couples, and families in New York and Brooklyn.

VWWC provides virtual video or phone call sessions for couples and families in New York and New Jersey.

Couples will sometimes seek out professional therapy when they are having communication and trust issues in their relationship. It could be that one partner feels unfulfilled, or not listened to, maybe there is a family conflict, lack of sexual interaction, or a trauma that has caused the relationship to come apart. People will seek a therapist for a variety of reasons. Problems may stem from financial strain; adjusting to life with a new baby; a rebellious teenager; difficult in-laws; family dynamics; or any number of causes.

Many clients come to VWWC after years of having functioned with intense stress, anxiety, family conflict, or depression and they no longer want to manage it alone. Some will express their relationships are suffering, they’re more preoccupied, having a hard time focusing, have difficulty sleeping, wake up in the middle of the night, feel on edge and easily annoyed, and are experiencing physical pain from it all. They want to feel heard and connected to their partner. Sometimes when a couple has a baby, it can change the dynamic of the relationship. Whenever there is an issue in a relationship, oftentimes each partner comes out with their own subjective narrative about what is happening or going wrong.

How Can Couples Therapy Help My Relationship?

Couples may enter therapy to improve communication, work through resentments or difficulties, or simply to understand each other better. Therapy can help couples to resolve ongoing and new problems, and even teach them the necessary skills to manage a crisis or conflict.

Sometimes what brings a couple to seek a counseling session or marriage therapy is a “relationship catastrophe” like infidelity in the form of marital affairs, substance abuse /addiction, financial infidelity, or emotional affairs where a breach of trust evolved. Another common trust issue arises when a person feels that their spousal partner is not having their side during a disagreement or interaction with another family member or friend. Life is full of unexpected and undesirable events (including losing a loved one). These events can leave people with overwhelming feelings of despair or depression. Some common couples therapy issues include dealing with:

Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey
Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey
Couples & Family Therapy services In NYC and New Jersey

Treatment Approach

Our passion and purpose as marriage and family therapists is to walk with you on your journey, explore and to unpack your past or present life experiences.

Interested in Couples or Family Therapy?

Our therapists look forward to working with individuals, couples, families, and groups from all diverse ethnic cultures and world religions. Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling’s mission is to help couples enhance their relationships, and we provide counseling on a wide variety of issues.

You can learn how to better navigate stress, communicate more effectively, and thrive in your relationship. Feel free to contact us today for a 15-minute complimentary consultation with a psychotherapist who specializes in therapy for married and premarital couples and families.

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