Groups & Workshops for Women

If you are looking to learn, grow, and connect with other women, our workshops and groups are a great opportunity to do so. Join us as we talk, laugh, and learn ways to improve ourselves. Our workshop topics vary by month, but check back under our events tab frequently to see our upcoming events. Sign up for yourself and a friend! We look forward to having you join us.

Self-Care Workshop 4/23/21 @ 6pm

Do you struggle with self-care? Do you put yourself last on your list? You’re not alone. Many women struggle with prioritizing their needs above caring for others. Join us in this workshop as we discuss strategies to improving the level of care we give towards ourselves. Register below.

~It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.~ Mandy Hale

~Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.~ Katie Reed

The cost for this workshop is $25. Please send payment by 4/22/21. Zoom link will be emailed by 4/22/21. Payment can be made through zelle to you have questions or concerns please email us at or call at 718 844-5390. Thank you!

Self-Esteem Support Group 3/24/21-5/12/21

If you desire to develop your confidence and to love who you are, contact us about signing up for this group for women. You will learn skills to help change your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself to become a new woman. Join us to learn more about yourself and connect with others as well. We look forward to supporting you.

Purging Procrastination 2 part Workshop 4/3-4/10/21

If you often put off what you should be doing and find that you experience negative consequences because of this, join us for our purging procrastination workshops for women. We’ll discuss reasons for procrastination, effects of it, and strategies to change both your mindset and behavior so that you learn how to achieve the goals you have for yourself. We want to see you there-don’t put off any longer what you need to do!

This workshop is a 2 part series occurring on 4/3/21 & 4/10/21. Each workshop fee is $25. You can make workshop fee prior to start date on or the day of workshops. Payments can be made through zelle to or via debit in the client portal.Questions or concerns email us at or call at 718 844-5390. Link for workshop will be sent 24hrs. prior to event date.Thank you!