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The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us in different kinds of ways. For some of us it has caused us to rearrange our lives in part or altogether due to changes in our day-to-day schedule, and all of us have had to consider how we will interact with others, if at all. It has definitely been a challenge to work from home and balance family responsibilities for me. If nothing else it has caused me to reconsider how I apportion my time now, and how I want to apportion my time after the pandemic ends. I’ve thought about what things I want to engage in and how I should focus my efforts moving forward. What I’ve come away with so far is that I want to align my life differently moving forward. While there were some areas of my life I had previously began to make changes on to have better balance in my life, the pandemic has forced me to take steps to realign disjointed areas of my life to be better connected.

Health continues to be an area that I want to focus on and am more committed to improving as well as being more in sync with what God desires for me more so than just what I desire for me. I’m learning to listen more to what God’s spirit is communicating to me and allow him to direct my steps-to take the pressure off myself ?.

What are some of the things that you are learning about yourself, your life, or other areas, particularly in light of the past month and a half of changes that have been going on? What changes do you think you may need to make to either align or realign?

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