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Do you ever feel insecure or in adequate? Do you feel who you are or what you do is not good enough? Or do you fear rejection by others?

Insecurity is at the heart of issues many of us struggle with if we allow negative thoughts, past hurts and or trauma to dictate the way we think about ourselves and others. As well, comparing ourselves to others can cause us to feel quite inadequate or insignificant. Allowing insecurities to dominate our thinking doesn’t benefit us or make us feel good about ourselves. Instead, it can be very difficult to move away from that way of thinking if that’s what we’re familiar with.

It can be especially difficult to change our mindset if we have experienced traumatic events. Those events can create deep-seated insecurities that are very hard to overcome. To understand how trauma can impact one’s life, please view . When we allow insecurity to dictate how we function in the world, it robs us of the peace we need to live happy lives. But how can we move away from feeling insecure or inadequate?

The Need to Change Our Mindset

I believe in part moving away from an insecure mindset, begins with realizing our need to change our unhealthy mindset. Next we must choose to take a step in the right direction to facilitate a mindset change. Often times, changing our mindset comes about through allowing ourselves to be influenced from sources outside ourselves. We can choose to allow which sources we allow to to influence us so if we want a positive mindset change we need positive influences. We can gain new insight from reading books, listening to podcasts, or talking with others that are doing well in different areas. Sometimes a mindset change occurs through talking to those that know us well that can give us good feedback about ourselves to help develop our insight.

Another important component to changing an unhealthy mindset is to develop a connection to a higher power to broaden our perspective. We all have a spirit self that needs to connect to our Creator. Learning about our identity through our Creator’s eyes can offer us a different perspective to understanding ourselves that frees us from insecurity. Recognizing that God created us in his image and designed us to have a specific purpose in life can help us to experience peace. And learning and believing that God never wants us to feel inadequate, insecure, or that we’re not good enough can give us new confidence.

Spirituality to Change our Mindset

I was recently was encouraged after reading a Bible devotional about insecurity that helped me to understand that God takes me from being or feeling rejected to being accepted. To read the devotional on your own visit Reading the devotional and Bible scripture 1 Peter 2: 9-10 reminded me that God created me to have purpose and to do great things, some of which can only be done through a reliance on God to accomplish those things. I reflected on the fact that acceptance of my limitations can help me minimize anxiety about final outcomes and thinking they depend on me or my effort.  

Taking time for reflection helped me realize that hurts from my childhood were still affecting me in adulthood. Also, listening to podcasts about insecurity and rejection helped me understand emotions I was experiencing and my need to change my mindset.

Healing Insecurity

I hope that you will also take efforts to change your mindset by understanding where your insecurities come from and use different tools to broaden your perspective. I believe that when we deal with things from our past that negatively affects our present, it helps us to be able to more boldly face the world and the things that must be dealt with. When we do so, we can experience the fullness of life that God intends us to experience. If you would like to explore how past hurts may be contributing to present insecurities consider joining our “Healing From the Past” therapy group. We welcome you to start your healing journey. You can register at .

What are your thoughts? Are there any insecurities that are holding you back from living a full and vibrant life? If so what have you done and or what might you need to do to better live a fuller life?

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