New Year, New You!

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Each new year brings with it the potential of new things happening. A new year causes many people to develop new year’s resolutions about what they will work towards changing in the brand new year. As I reflect on the things important to me in this new year- I would most like to strive towards better wellness. Balance of my mental, physical, and spiritual health has been important to me for years, but as I get older I recognize more and more the of importance of this balance. My body has been sure to let me know when I am overworking and in need of the benefit of rest to recuperate. Last year I experienced many stressors which caused me to realize further the importance of protecting my mental and spiritual health. I have not arrived at this optimal place of balance, but will continue to strive towards it by having a feasible plan that I can be consistent with.

Utilizing a bible devotional on different topics has been helpful for me (to check out the latest topic on living stress free visit ), as well as committing to exercise at least three times per week. I enjoy yoga, but also walking, and would like to implement the use of some weights in my weekly routine. To decompress the stress of my regular routine, I am hoping to use more creative outlets to regularly release stress in my life as well (poetry).

While making physical changes will be beneficial, I believe what will be more important is a mental change to allow God to be the one in control of the things that happen in my life- good, bad, or indifferent. Giving him my fears and allowing him to direct my path without worry of what’s to come will be most beneficial for me.

What goals do you have for the new year and what are your steps to reach those goals?

10 Comments on “New Year, New You!”

  1. Ah! Goals…I’ve had a few for months now, like losing weight, furthering my education… Alas! I think I’m in need of an accountability partner. It’s always good to set attainable goals for oneself, but a double stranded cord would be stronger….?

    1. You make a good point about an accountability partner. I think we all need one or a couple- one for each area if there isn’t one person that can hold each area accountable. I hope you’re able to find your person, and able to make small steps each day towards your goals.

  2. I would like to work on being more present this year! I always feel like I’m rushing and being pulled in 100 directions. This year I would like to slow down and enjoy every moment to its fullest.

  3. For me the new year has always been a time for reflection and goal setting; well actually the reflection is ongoing but serious thought about goals really pick up speed around Christmas. I suspect that this is also because my birthday is early enough in the year and birth anniversaries is yet another opportunity to reflect and plan ahead.

    For 2020 my goal is relatively simple and if you know me, simplicity is a hardship as I believe that I’m a complex person even without trying. I tend to be anxious because of my thoughts and my high expectations.

    This year my goal is simply to not take life so seriously, but to live freely and to live in the peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7). I’m a type A, must always be in control type personality— this works well in my professional life but it’s a killer to my spiritual growth. It’s funny because daily I realize that there is little I have control over. I was happy to see 2019 go because hands down it has been the most challenging year of my life. So I welcomed 2020 with open arms and a sense of a do over, a fresh start. My challenge is how I actively participate in my goal to not take life too seriously? On one end I can tune out and not let anything affect me, but for me this means being numb and being zombie-like; so I know this would not enhance my emotional intelligence.

    The other option is to “be still and know that God is God” Psalms 46:10. This year, in order to achieve my goal of not putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect, to always do, look and say the right thing, to stop self sabotaging, to relinquish the control I falsely believe I have, to give my plans to God, to wait on God’s timing, to not get stuck on “but why me”, to release the high expectations I unfairly place on others, to live life fully, to love without ceasing and to promote self care and emotional and mental growth, I will learn how to be still and to remember that God is God and I am not. To remember that nothing, good, bad or indifferent happens without God’s permission and most importantly, God has a plan for me, a perfect plan, a plan with the purpose of prospering and not harming me, a plan to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

    Only by complete surrender (cease resistance and submit to their authority) to God’s way and by being still and letting God reveal his plan will I accomplish my goal of not taking life so seriously. A key to accomplishing my goal is to be less anxious and less in control and this can only happen through prayer and petition , with thanksgiving, presenting all my requests to God.

    2020 is the year I chose to refocus on God and not to get stuck on what if. Take life minute by minute, lean on God and my Christian belief (through reading the Bible daily, listening to music, positive thinking, journaling about my feelings, being open about my feelings when safe, opening up to friends and families, not navigating life alone, etc.). Learning how to be still and let God work, surrendering and living in the full peace that transcends all understanding while guarding my heart will benefit me for the rest of my journey.

    1. Wow- thanks for your candid reply. You definitely shared alot about where you are and where you’re hoping to get to in your life. I share your sentiments about 2019. Though it was a difficult year and one of the hardest I’ve experienced in many years, I’m grateful to have been able to celebrate a milestone birthday, enjoy time with family and friends, and even experience some of the progress God allowed in my life regarding dreams of mine. Surrendering to God’s purpose and plan for our lives is definitely a challenge for many of us. I agree with your approach to getting there. Good luck on progressing towards and achieving the peace that only God provides.

  4. Outlets! I love it. This may sound weird but I’ve decided in the new year to not take responsibility for other’s faults. There are those out their with negative intent, I’m not going to stress about that, but boundaries are important and necessary.
    Also exercise wasn’t a major goal ? but after reading the posts, I agree with walking/ aerobics a couple times a week and weight training has been something I on my mind for a minute! Thanks ladies!

    1. I love your point about not taking responsibility for other’s faults-it’s a challenge for the empathetic and kind hearted. I also agree about the importance of boundaries. Any thoughts on creating boundaries for yourself to hold to your goal?

      I hope you are able to be consistent with exercising- I’m sure you’ll feel the benefits of it, if you are able to be consistent, including better responding to those that test your boundaries 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for allowing us to comment, Dr. Rahman
    As we start this new year – this new decade – I’m keenly aware that there is much about my life that needs to change.
    My goal is to eliminate much of the chaos that seems to have dominated the last several years. Chaotic circumstances have led to chaotic surroundings. Chaotic surroundings have resulted in a cluttered mind and then to a life that is scattered and randomly successful rather than structured and consistently productive and successful.
    I’ve come to learn that much of what I termed as my “creative bent” is really a plain old lack of discipline.
    I now realize that undisciplined clutter is really a result of fatigue. Both the clutter and the fatigue are a deterrent to creativity. It’s tough to be creative when you’re trying to navigate a mess – whether that mess is in your environment or in your head!
    Sooo… I’m purging – giving away and/or throwing away what I really no longer need or truly want. I am backing off of meaningless social media. I am letting go of those who are content to let me go. I am also exercising more regularly – at least 20 minutes several times weekly with a goal of 30 minutes daily by February, 45 minutes by May and 1 hour by July.
    I generally read several devotionals daily. I often use the YouVersion Bible devotionals in conjunction with actual paper devotionals. I’ve also committed to just sitting before the Lord with a pen in hand and ears to hear. I’ve had some interesting results that have helped me take a good hard look at my life.
    I also use the “One Word” ( life planning method. However I don’t choose my word, I pray until I feel that God has identified my word.
    This year my word is EXCELLENCE!!! That’s EXTREMELY challenging because it touches EVERY area of life.
    I’m excited to see how my life will change when I start to exhibit the personal, professional, relational and spiritual excellence that I’m pursuing!
    Finally, I am also pursuing a new career that requires focus and training. This pursuit is only going to be successful if I establish a standard of consistent excellence in my life!!!
    I’ve also shared these goals with friends & relatives and I have given them permission to hold me accountable. Questions like:
    1. What did you get rid of today?
    2. What time did you get to bed last night?
    3. Did you exercise today? How did you exercise?
    4. Have you studied today?
    5. What did you eat today?
    are all OK!!!
    I’m moving towards a life of excellence!!!
    Happy 2020!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing and lending some tips about what is helpful for you.

      You made some good points about how chaos can interfere with discipline, which can also result in lack of creativity. I think a clear environment as well as a clear mind is important for success. It sounds like you have set yourself up to win by having relationships that will hold you accountable. We should all be so lucky! Best wishes with your exercise, work, and other pursuits in the new year.

      Should the exercise goal be particularly challenging for you, I hope that you will persevere with consistency in that area. It tends to be a challenge that many of us experience, especially when we’re tired?, but because it is necessary for good health, it is important to aim towards that area as well as towards healthy eating, rest, and whatever else will benefit our bodies. Even if small, some efforts are better than none ???

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