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Each new year brings with it the potential of new things happening. A new year causes many people to develop new year’s resolutions about what they will work towards changing in the brand new year. As I reflect on the things important to me in this new year- I would most like to strive towards better wellness. Balance of my mental, physical, and spiritual health has been important to me for years, but as I get older I recognize more and more the of importance of this balance. My body has been sure to let me know when I am overworking and in need of the benefit of rest to recuperate. Last year I experienced many stressors which caused me to realize further the importance of protecting my mental and spiritual health. I have not arrived at this optimal place of balance, but will continue to strive towards it by having a feasible plan that I can be consistent with.

Utilizing a bible devotional on different topics has been helpful for me (to check out the latest topic on living stress free visit ), as well as committing to exercise at least three times per week. I enjoy yoga, but also walking, and would like to implement the use of some weights in my weekly routine. To decompress the stress of my regular routine, I am hoping to use more creative outlets to regularly release stress in my life as well (poetry).

While making physical changes will be beneficial, I believe what will be more important is a mental change to allow God to be the one in control of the things that happen in my life- good, bad, or indifferent. Giving him my fears and allowing him to direct my path without worry of what’s to come will be most beneficial for me.

What goals do you have for the new year and what are your steps to reach those goals?

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