Reflections on Recent Events

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The past couple of months and even the past week has been traumatic for many of us- directly or indirectly. The recent events relating to the murder of George Floyd has caused many to feel a multitude of emotions including anger, sadness, frustration, and fear. For some, we are unsure of the specific words to express what is felt, but we know we hurt for George Floyd and the other African-American men that have unjustly experienced and continue to experience racist practices. Mr. Floyd’s murder and the after effects since then, coupled with the challenges experienced for months due to the coronavirus has amplified feelings of powerlessness for some.

As always, but maybe more so now than before, we are in need of God’s healing for ourselves, our relationships, and for our nation. Some of us have been moved to take action politically and socially to attempt change, while others of us have been quiet, attempting to understand what has been going on. Whichever boat we may be in, during these difficult times it is important we take time to care for ourselves mentally and emotionally. In part through dialogue, we may need to express what is on our mind to a friend, colleague or other trusted source, or we may need to journal, pray, cry, scream, draw, paint, or simply breathe deeply and exhale out what we have been mentally holding on to.

What are some of the feelings that you have had relating to recent events and what are some of the ways you are working to care for your wellness admist these difficult times? We welcome your thoughts and hope to offer mutual support to one another in a safe space.

13 Comments on “Reflections on Recent Events”

  1. I feel sadness!! Frustrated!!! Upset!! Hurt!!! In the midst of a pandemic that’s killing majority of us we have cops killing us as well!! I’ve been practicing tapping, meditate, and exercising which is helping with my anxiety! Just praying for the entire world that God will heal it and restore not as it was before but, better!

    1. Thank you for sharing. It is definitely a hard time for the world and we are feeling pain in many ways. I’m glad you are using positive coping strategies to manage the difficult feelings you are experiencing. I agree we don’t need a restoration to times of the past but improvement as we move forward. Improvement in how we all think, feel, and behave!

  2. I’M PISSED OFF?! I’m still trying to adjust, and trying to figure out what my new normal will be?- I’m watching and waiting while I pray?- meanwhile a senseless individual felt that the call to protect involves killing one of ours for NOOO reason: senseless murder, senseless!!! What do I tell my kids? That certain group isn’t here to serve nor protect us?!? that wouldn’t be a lie…I’ll
    just keep on turning the most High God. Psalms 61:2 When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. That’s my comfort and my hope.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It is definitely a tough topic for us as adults to deal with, much less to have to discuss with children. I agree that we need to look to God to help us manage our feelings- the intensity of our current reality is too much to handle on our own. As difficult as it is, I think the dialogue that has been happening and the different efforts the nation has been making to address what is going on is a step in the right direction. I am hopeful the result will be positive change.

  3. The last few month has been filled with mixed emotions but throug it all I have learned to trust in God, take deep breaths and breathe ( something that George Floyd and and many of our black/brown bro/sis cannot do). With all these events, i ask myself -‘What will be the new normal’? and who decides it?
    Theres a lot of topics i had to discuss with my kids( pandemic/remote learning and social justice). Looking at the news cusiously, and knowing how they feel about the different occurance was very important. Be encourage everone, be safe and remember that GOD got you!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Your point about breathing is a good one. Glad that you are taking deep breath’s and aiming to remember that God is in control of everything. As a parent it is definitely challenging to discuss the things that have been going on, but sounds like you have been listening and aiming to support your children. We are all trying to figure out best steps as we move ahead.Thanks again for sharing.

  4. My sincere condolences to the Floyd family. I watched the Homegoing of Mr. Floyd and it was heart wrenching but also beautiful.

    Gods plan will prevail. I ask for justice and peace!

    1. Thank you for your post. I agree that God’s plan will definitely prevail in the end. It’s unfortunate that the murder of George Floyd needed to prompt the current reform efforts, but I’m glad for the positive changes that are occurring. Many people all over the world have been forced to consider things that were never considered, so to that end, I don’t believe his death nor all the other efforts towards changed have been in vain.

      1. The amount of negative events that have been happening recently is certainly sad.. What’s most sad is in the midst of a pandemic, hatred has still been rampant and even amplified. I don’t believe any of these events against marginalized people is new, but in the midst of a pandemic people just feel like enough is enough. It’s almost like humanity is going backward in terms of being humane. In terms of wellness, definitely working on this. Prayer, staying positive but real with my kids, and reflection, are some things that have been helpful. Its all in God’s control.

        1. I agree with your points. People are fed up with the old ways of thinking and doing things. Perhaps because the pandemic has allowed for a standstill in normal operations, it has been the perfect opportunity for people to be contemplative about not only their selves and their families, but also what they consider fair and acceptable treatment for others.

          Glad that you are aiming to take care of yourself as well as have honest conversations with your children.

  5. For the past few months, I have been trying to find ways to cope with everything that has been happening from COVID, to quarantine, and then the murder of George Floyd that has sparked a huge movement with the protesting and looting. I feel isolated, angry, and disappointed that this is happening all in one year. I feel frustrated that there is not much I can do but protest on the sidelines through social media and cannot protest on the streets since I live with people who are part of the vulnerable population. I also feel frustrated that I can’t see my loved ones or friends during the COVID crisis.

    How I am working through these situations is limiting my posts on social media and limit how much news To watch for up to an hr. I try to doing activities that keep me busy such as coloring, putting a face mask, or remind myself with a social media post that it’s okay to not be okay. And check in with friends so I don’t feel isolated.

    1. Thanks for sharing. The combination of the pandemic and the murder of George Flyod along with the pain it brings up about the many other men and women that have been murdered or brutalized is painful. You are not alone in your feelings. I’m glad you are doing your best to care for your mental health.

  6. Thanks. Very encouraging at this time. Yes I’m hurt and feel all that you said. My heart hurts and feels heavy for the family. You must know, to me you’re one of those many first responders and heroes. Thanks again! God bless you!

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