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The past couple of months and even the past week has been traumatic for many of us- directly or indirectly. The recent events relating to the murder of George Floyd has caused many to feel a multitude of emotions including anger, sadness, frustration, and fear. For some, we are unsure of the specific words to express what is felt, but we know we hurt for George Floyd and the other African-American men that have unjustly experienced and continue to experience racist practices. Mr. Floyd’s murder and the after effects since then, coupled with the challenges experienced for months due to the coronavirus has amplified feelings of powerlessness for some.

As always, but maybe more so now than before, we are in need of God’s healing for ourselves, our relationships, and for our nation. Some of us have been moved to take action politically and socially to attempt change, while others of us have been quiet, attempting to understand what has been going on. Whichever boat we may be in, during these difficult times it is important we take time to care for ourselves mentally and emotionally. In part through dialogue, we may need to express what is on our mind to a friend, colleague or other trusted source, or we may need to journal, pray, cry, scream, draw, paint, or simply breathe deeply and exhale out what we have been mentally holding on to.

What are some of the feelings that you have had relating to recent events and what are some of the ways you are working to care for your wellness admist these difficult times? We welcome your thoughts and hope to offer mutual support to one another in a safe space.

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