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Business Owner, Therapist, Educator, Wife, Mother, Friend, and Daughter

The many roles I have vary from day today. Whether through being pulled in the different needs I have from family, friends, or just an internal struggle I feel to get through the day, I can feel mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted and taking a toll on my mental health. These feelings I’m sure I’m not shared by only myself, but by many of us who attempt to balance the different roles we have in life.

Women’s Mental Health

Attempting to be a helper and/or caregiver to others often times leaves us with little to care for our own needs. This sometimes results in burn out, anger, frustration, physical exhaustion, and spiritual depletion, to name a few. Not that I have figured it all out-I don’t think anyone but Jesus himself has figured out everything. But I know enough to know that balance in life is very important. Giving too much in anyone area can deplete reserves for other areas. I experienced over-exhaustion in my own life due to stress of managing too much at one time.

For me, weight loss, feeling overwhelmed, and not shining as I believe I am created to shine were different signs I was in need of changing the way I was doing things. I have recently made a more conscious effort to change the way I think as well as to make changes in the way I go about handling the different roles I have.

While I am still a work in progress, I am grateful that the challenges have allowed me to take a look inward to adjust things so that I have more to give to others and to myself. What are your thoughts? How do you view balance in your life and what do you do that helps you to feel more balanced and connected with yourself, God, and others?​

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