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Believe it or not we are close to the midpoint of August, which means that in the not too far future, summer will be over and Fall will be beginning. Whether you think this summer has been good or bad, we can all agree that it has been different from summers previous. What kinds of things have been on your mind this summer?

On my mind has been a mix of things including what I can do to enjoy the summer presently-my spirit is lifted when I feel productive during the workweek, but I especially look forward to enjoying the outdoors on the weekends by visiting parks or ponds and taking long drives to different areas areas that I don’t regularly see (including tree lined streets or highways). In addition to attempting to enjoy the summer despite being in a pandemic, my thoughts are on preparing for the rest of the year-envisioning how I’d like my work and family life to be. As a mother, things will certainly be more complicated this year as my children continue to learn from home, so I am still trying to figure out how the next couple of months can work for both myself and my family’s collective needs.

As I’m sure many of you also who have children and or family members with with health challenges can relate to, attempting to navigate the rest of the year may prove to be a challenge. As I move forward I do want to keep balanced as much as possible by taking care of my mental, spiritual, and physical health needs. I also want to include fun in my routine; I appreciate downtime-silly time and connecting with family and friends to lighten my mood. What are some things on your mind regarding the next couple of months and how are you preparing for the uncertainties regarding the future?

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9 Comments on “What’s on Your Mind?”

  1. Hello,

    Some of the things that’s been on my mind is just how good God is! Also, just thankful for the little things that I’ve been able to do like go for walks and focus more on my health and just being a better me. I’ve also been thinking about my daughter and returning back to school and what that is going to look like! I’ve been praying to God that he leads us to making the right and safe decisions! I just pray that not only my child but, all the kids will be healthy and safe if they decide to go back to school. I’ve also been thinking about the Christmas Holidays. While I do not want to rush God, I’m looking forward to the Christmas Holidays because I’ve always loved Christmas since I was a little girl, and I love the traditions that we have as a family. I’m looking to make it more meaningful this year by giving back and just really embracing and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas!! I’m learning not to focus on things that I have no control over but, focus on those things that I do have control over and just making more memories and enjoying my family and health! I really want to make this year extra special as my daughter will be graduating high school next year and will be leaving for college. This year I’m just more focused on all the things that I’ve taken for granted and working towards being a better me all around!!

    Peace, Joy, & Blessings,


    1. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are working on being a better you and now focusing on the things you took for granted before. Our family and our health are great areas to put our efforts into. Look forward to hearing about your progress with health goals.

      I imagine this year the holidays will have a different meaning for most of us. Hopefully it causes us all to be more grateful for the people in our lives.

  2. In the next couple of months i am just thinking how I will balance my kids learning from home while maintaining my business. It will definitely be different but I am looking forward to the change. I definitely am considering home schooling after this virtual learning experience this year.

    We are also just focusing on making memories as a family. Even though alot has changed we find ways to have fun through the smallest things which is beautiful to me
    In the midst of crisis and things being different we are still living in peace and just adapting to new ways.

    1. Wow. I love your perspective about change. Change can be an opportunity for great things to happen. Even if uncomfortable at first, it can be an opportunity to learn new perspectives, meet new people, build new skills, or any other potential positives. Glad your family is making the most of the experience. Good luck as we embark on the new school year!

  3. There’s a lot coming up in the fall.. elearning, work, balancing schedules, figuring out how to keep a preschooler busy in the middle of all this. Honestly I’m exhausted. Uncertainty. Finding balance will be a challenge, and I don’t forsee much of that. The summer was a challenge and this was without school from home. I have a preschooler and honestly I’m not sure how he will be occupied because my older son will need a lot of guidance. I wanted to be more positive but the summer was a weight and I don’t anticipate any less for the fall. I pray for strength and grace.

    1. Thanks for your honesty. The summer was definitely a challenge for many parents with active young ones and for older ones glued to devices. Don’t be hard on yourself, I think we all have tried our best to manage what is before us- some days handling things well, and some days, not so much. The main thing is that you do your best to keep going, praying that God allows you to order things as He desires for them to be ordered. As I’m learning, God’s grace is sufficient, and really it’s more than just sufficient. It keeps us going and stands in the gap for when we fall short in doing whatever we’re unable to do. Be encouraged that God is with you and will be helping you through everything you encounter. Remember to prioritize- not only tasks, but also your overall thinking- God first, then family and self accordingly. We all need time to be still and rest (mentally and physically), so we can recoup and have renewed energy to face our tasks. Hope you get the needed time for rest and refreshment.

  4. This has been “the summer to remember “! So many canceled plans, but God has been great, he’s kept us thus far. And for that I’m grateful. In the midst of so many uncertainties, we thought it wise to keep our children at home with remote learning. This may seem a bit parodoxical: i’m looking forward to the new school year…so much can go into elaborating on that statement. How I would love for them to play with their friends, just be kids. How I would love to see my refrigerator stay closed for a full hour…but the times, the times are up to my Lord. Though many feel that the pandemic is at bay, some even say : “it went away”; We know that isn’t true and wisdom is whispering in our ears not to take chances.

    Through all of this, I remain hopeful because the God that I serve is “ALPHA and OMEGA”, He is mighty to the pulling down of strongholds…He saw the beginning, He will carry us to the end. Just be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might..this pain may endure for a night, but joy will be there in the morning. God is awesome!

    Stay safe ?

    1. Thanks for sharing. This year has definitely caused many unexpected change of plans-some good and some not so good. It is definitely wise to be cautious-as so much is still unfolding. The good thing about children is that they are resilient. They bounce back from adversity much quicker than adults. We adults can learn a lot from their free spirit and easy going nature.

      Glad you are putting your trust in God. You are right- He is the beginning and the end, and He knows all that is needed for every situation we face.

  5. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to stay away from the news personally and the television just seems to have everything we want to avoid right there in big font with the highest volume ever. I just heard the first pandemic ever, in 1876, lasted for 91 years and there was another following in 1919-1921. Really don’t think that’s the case here. I have also been thinking of this summer, so just looked up some ideas. What can we do at this time? According to the CDC, some of the lowest risk activities for the summer are exercising or running in a park, safe distance park barbecues or picnics, and small family gatherings. Those are just a few. Really, all I want is a summer HUG! No masks, get in each other’s space without 6 feet distancing. I won’t ever take what I have forgranted. That’s what I truly think to myself. I pray for teachers, staff and students returning to school.

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