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Believe it or not we are close to the midpoint of August, which means that in the not too far future, summer will be over and Fall will be beginning. Whether you think this summer has been good or bad, we can all agree that it has been different from summers previous. What kinds of things have been on your mind this summer?

On my mind has been a mix of things including what I can do to enjoy the summer presently-my spirit is lifted when I feel productive during the workweek, but I especially look forward to enjoying the outdoors on the weekends by visiting parks or ponds and taking long drives to different areas areas that I don’t regularly see (including tree lined streets or highways). In addition to attempting to enjoy the summer despite being in a pandemic, my thoughts are on preparing for the rest of the year-envisioning how I’d like my work and family life to be. As a mother, things will certainly be more complicated this year as my children continue to learn from home, so I am still trying to figure out how the next couple of months can work for both myself and my family’s collective needs.

As I’m sure many of you also who have children and or family members with with health challenges can relate to, attempting to navigate the rest of the year may prove to be a challenge. As I move forward I do want to keep balanced as much as possible by taking care of my mental, spiritual, and physical health needs. I also want to include fun in my routine; I appreciate downtime-silly time and connecting with family and friends to lighten my mood. What are some things on your mind regarding the next couple of months and how are you preparing for the uncertainties regarding the future?

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