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How do You Awaken your Spiritual Side?

How is your connection to your spirit side? Do you feel connected or do you feel that something is missing? And are you unsure of what that missing thing is? We all have a spirit and in order to feel free and whole it’s important that we connect to that spirit on a regular basis. Although the frequency or quantity is not as important as the quality, taking time to connect to our spiritual side on a consistent basis will help us to better connect to our spirit self or spirit side.

As children of God, we were created to commune with God/ to connect with him. So, if we do not take time to connect with him, we will inevitably feel incomplete or that something is missing.

How to Connect to Your Spirit Side

So if you haven’t been taking time to connect with God, I imagine your question is so how do I do that? While the answer is not complex, it’s not necessarily straightforward either. People connect with God in different ways including taking time to meditate, pray, read the Bible, Read Bible devotionals, do in-depth Bible study on a particular topic, connect with other Christians, or through different means altogether- in nature by being outdoors and feeling God‘s presence, journaling, through painting, drawing, other art forms, or maybe some other ways altogether. However you choose to connect, there is no wrong or right way, and at times your spirit may need to connect to God in more than one way.

Unique ways to Connect to Your Spirit Side

I recently came across a book entitled “Recovery of your inner child” written by art therapist Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D. Reading her work was inspiring in many ways, but specifically by learning how art can be used to spur creativity and connect us to our  inner child, which some people interpret as the spirit self within us. Cappacchione discusses how to use art to tap the side of the brain we don’t often use through exercises with the non-dominant hand and dialoguing between the dominant and nondominant hand to develop insight about ourselves.

This approach to connect to our inner child provides an interesting framework for tapping into the side of ourselves that is often forgotten-the spirit. I mention Cappacchione’s work as a different example in how we can connect to our spirit self aka spirit side through simple materials of crayons, pen, and paper.  Connecting does not necessarily need to be a complicated process, though in some ways it can. If we believe that God is in us and through us, and that as we connect to our self we can better connect to God, perhaps we can think differently and more openly about connecting to God.

Creativity to Connect to Your Spirit Side

As someone who loves using my creative side, I love to do things that make me smile or allow me to bring color to my life- whether in the form of crafting, sewing, decorating, or in some of other form. When I allow myself to freely connect to that side of myself which is often tertiary to work and family needs and demands, I often feel a sense of lightness. When I combine those efforts along with taking time to meditate and reflect on how God is working in my life and what he may be teaching me, it opens my mind up to new perspectives.

Sometimes a new perspective is exactly what I need. When caught up in work deadline stress, it can become easy to feel anxious about whatever is going on, but when I take time to breathe deeply, go for a walk, reflect on the things I am grateful for and how God is working in my life, it reduces the stress that I
feel. I share those examples so that hopefully you recognize that there are many ways to connect to God, and that you are willing to take the next step in developing connection to him. If you aim to truly connect with God, your spirit side will be refreshed and able to take on the challenges of life.

Some tips to get you started are:

1. Reflect in a journal about the things that happened in your day, feelings that are on your mind, things that you are grateful for.

2. Read the Bible. Read through the book of psalms (download a bible app on your phone or visit Learn how the Psalmist King David expresses his feelings and thoughts about the things going on in his life and reflect on how he turns to God to strengthen him to be able to manage those different things.

3. Read Bible devotions. Holy Bible is a great app that can guide you on topics that you may be struggling with. Some common areas for study are anxiety, trust, faith, or even Jesus- to help you to gain some knowledge about him if you don’t know much about him or his life.

4. Go for a nature walk. Look up to the skies and reflect on the clouds passing by. Reflect on your surroundings and take it in. Reflect on how God is working in the small to the big things going on in everyday life.

5. Use Art. Dabble in color using paint, colored pencils, crayons, clay, or any other type of material that you like to use. Freestyle whatever comes to your mind. Don’t focus on a specific objective – allow yourself to dabble in those materials.

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I hope these tips get you started on your path to deepening your spirituality and connecting to your spirit side. If you find tips shared in this blog helpful, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Share this blog with a friend or someone that can benefit.

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