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Healthy Self-Esteem for A Confident Woman

Healthy Self-Esteem for A Confident Woman
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Healthy Self-Esteem: The Woman in the Mirror

Healthy self-esteem is important for our well-being. Feeling good about who we are is important to how we show up in the world. If we feel good about who we are we will feel confident to interact with others and make needed decisions. However, the opposite case is true if we have low self-esteem. It can cause us to pull back from others and afraid to make decisions. For other ways low self-esteem can affect you check out our blog

We offer a self-esteem support group to help women overcome some of the barriers to healthy self-esteem. This group is geared towards supporting adult females to improve their self-esteem. During the course of this group, participants will have a chance to talk through their negative self-talk and its origins, as well as identify triggers to experiencing low self-esteem. The group will also focus on discussing coping strategies that can be used to deal with negative thoughts and triggers in order to improve self-esteem. Participants will also have a chance to learn and use self-reflection exercises to help them understand their thought distortions.


If you are a female between ages 19-39 and you would like support on your journey to improving your self-esteem, this group is for you! Ashley Kern, our therapist will be facilitating this workshop. To view her bio. click Also to learn about and register for other our upcoming events click Follow us on our social media as well to see learn tips for improving your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health at and

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