Therapy  & Counseling Services for Women and Families in NYC

At Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling, we support women to focus (or refocus) on their wellness. By addressing areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health, we work to strengthen women's resilience amidst their challenges, to foster the development of vibrance in their lives.

Approaches to treatment include cognitive behavioral treatment, insight-oriented treatment, strengths based perspective, empowerment perspective, and Christian counseling.   

If you need support along the journey you are on, and are interested to work together to develop your vibrance, please contact us.

We're now providing all therapy services online through a private and secure format.

Among the services provided at Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling are:

Individual Therapy


Session lengths range 45-60 minutes

  • To increase insight about one's life and modify patterns.
  • To improve the use of positive coping strategies when challenged with life struggles.
  • To develop and increase the use of healthy support systems.
  • To heal from trauma and past hurts.

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Couples & Family Therapy


Session lengths range 45-60 minutes

  • To increase insight about patterns each member of the relationship uses.
  • To improve the use of positive coping strategies in relationships.
  • To restore broken bonds experienced in relationships.

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Group Therapy


Session lengths vary from 1 hr - 1 hr, 30 minutes. Support and psycho-education groups for adults and teens. Topics include:

  • Self-esteem
  • Parenting (Mom to Mom Groups are in session now)
  • Improving Relationships with others
  • Career transitions
  • Trauma and Spirituality

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Women receiving individual therapy services have provided the following reviews:

My experience at Vibrant Women Wellness is allowing me to challenge myself to be better overall. Take a closer look at myself and try to make improvements.

Rebecca D.

I have become a better person and have been able to address issues that I haven’t worked on. It has made me more positive and focused.

Liza G.

My experience has been pleasant. I actually enjoy my sessions and look forward to attending them bi-weekly.  I always feel that our space is warm and welcoming and very easy to talk in.

Marie P.

Couples and Families receiving therapy services have provided the following reviews:

Our experience with Dr. Fazeeda Rahman of Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling has been very positive!  We came to Dr. Rahman when we were in crisis and she has been very instrumental towards growth and healing.  From the very first interview when we explained our issues we felt good about coming to her.  She helped to set up plans of actions to get on the road to recovery. Dr. Rahman is very easy to talk to and she offers positive and constructive feedback. Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling offers flexible in-office sessions as well as sessions via video conference. Pricing is very reasonable.  I highly recommend VWWC.

Christine B.

I would highly recommend Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling, LCSW, PLLC., because I believe that counseling services should be conducted by people who are able to be mindful about the needs of the client first, as Dr. Rahman has shown with my family.

Eon P.
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