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Rita Enwezor


Rita easily establishes rapport with clients to make them feel heard, safe, and accepted. Rita’s leadership spirit empowers and motivates clients to reconstruct their “distorted” thought process and unrewarding lifestyle while not feeling being judged.

Her understanding of spiritual and psychological warfare in human existence provides clients the opportunity to express issues of deep emotional debilitation, stress and anxiety, and the pain of traumas past and present that keep clients stuck at a crossroad of life without certainty of how to move forward.
Her approach to treatment includes a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT], narrative therapy, existential, and Adlerian therapy techniques, which she customizes to clients’ needs to bring about solutions of peace, tranquility, and hope in the therapy journey. Rita’s technique is eclectic, relational, and scientific. This is in part due to her previous background which includes experience working as a clinical laboratory scientist. Her experience as a scientist helps her to methodically measure performance of interventions used, to lessen distressing symptoms clients suffer with.

Rita’s background includes academic training of a master’s degree in counseling from Nyack Alliance Graduate School of Counseling and a Master’s of divinity in theological studies from Alliance Theological Seminary, as well as real life experience culturally, as she has lived abroad in England and Africa, and has traveled to many different parts of the world. Her life experience of interacting with diverse cultures has allowed her to be open-minded and understanding in her perspective towards clients’ worldview. Her background provides her with a unique lens to work with clients that have immigrated to America, who may be experiencing challenges with adjusting to a new culture and environment.  Among languages she is fluent in through her interactions with various cultures are Polish, Igbo, and French.

In addition to her life experience, both as ordained minister and personally, Rita is fueled by her faith in God that seasons of life are leaps of opportunity when navigated in therapeutic relationships. She believes that the therapeutic space can produce STRENGTH, HOPE, FAITH, AND LOVE OF GOD FOR NEW BEGINNINGS!!

In your work with Rita, you can expect that her positive, affirmative, and uplifted spirit will lead you to feel that anything is possible and achievable. She delights in the opportunity to help you on your journey of healing and health.
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