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The month of February for some is important in signifying sharing love for others particularly on Valentine’s Day. It can make some feel encouraged and others downright sad if they are not happy with the person they are with or if they are single and without a “love”.

Whether there is a romantic love in our life or not, most of us have relationships that are important to us-be it with family or friends. What’s important is how we are in those relationships-do we give and are we able to also receive? Do we offer support and encouragement, and tangible things (when in our ability to do so)? And do we ourselves receive that support and tangible help when needed? It’s important that the relationships we have with others thrive and feel fulfilling as we receive and give needed support to those in our lives. As the saying goes -“No man is an island” or for the purposes of our blog- no woman is an island. We all need supportive people in our corners.

What can be difficult is if the opposite of the above is characteristic of our lives-the relationships we have deplete us and take more from us than they give, if they give it all. In those scenarios it is important to develop boundaries so that there is something left to give to others. Say no, or Limiting the amount of energy and or time given to those who might deplete us are some important ways to establish boundaries with others. Sometimes for wellness, some distance may be needed from those that detract from us. However in some relationships taking time away is not feasible. I think of those scenarios It is important to develop a self-care routine which can help us to manage stress felt in relationships with others.

What are your thoughts? How are your relationships going with those in your life? Are you able to both receive and give in your relationships?

How do you develop needed boundaries in the challenging relationships as well?

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