Positive Mental Health
for women, teens, families

Individual Therapy

At Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling (VWWC), we understand that sometimes what women need most is someone who will listen, who will allow them to give expression to their thoughts.

Couples & Family Therapy

In family or couples therapy, we assist in guiding you and your loved ones to restore broken bonds experienced in relationships.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy allows women to receive support and encouragement, and provides an outlet for women to connect with other members who are facing similar struggles.

Guided Self Help for Depression and Anxiety


Our Happy Clients

I have had a very positive experience with Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling. I have done individual and group counseling and have felt encouraged and challenged. I am so thankful for the personal growth I have experienced. The therapists here are very kind, understanding, insightful, and knowledgeable of their practice. I highly recommend.

Rebecca D.

I have done both individual and group counseling with Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling and all of the therapists I have worked with are kind and compassionate. They have really helped me work on improving my self-esteem, as well as work through personal problems I had. I highly recommend this company!

Elizabeth A.

    Meet Our VWWC Team

    At Vibrant Women Wellness Counseling (VWWC) our mission is to bring the good news of God to the brokenhearted, to set them free from their emotional and or other forms of bondage, thus we are guided by Isaiah chapter 61 verses 1-4. Our goal is to support women as they go through life’s challenges.

    We encourage women to focus upwards to develop hope in God that He is able to help them through whatever they encounter. Through the comfort that we ourselves have received from God, we comfort the women that come for help at VWWC (2 Corinthians 1:4).

    By addressing areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health, we work to strengthen women’s resilience amidst their challenges, to foster the development of vibrance in their lives.

    Dr. Fazeeda Rahman, Ph.D., LCSW

    Dr. Fazeeda Rahman

    Ph.D., LCSW

    Sarhadjine Malvoisin


    Katherine Liaw Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

    Katherine Liaw


    Michelle Kuhn



    Kalina Black


    Regine Petigny


    Teena Walker


    Marie Roseline Sanon

    MHC Intern

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